Monday, July 25, 2011

今天终于遇见她了。虽然不算是众里寻她,见面时也没有灯火阑珊,但就是有种莫名的欢喜。是一种他乡遇故人,还是期盼已久的感觉……殊不知,她也是我选择到着这儿的其中一个原因~~?    :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

2 week of my new chapter

I have no personal laptop... so cant update any chinese post at all. Now, just can curi-curi update my blog with the company computer, but anyway, if they wanna trace i sure kena kao kao~~~ haha~~

This month will be my "One Malaysia" month, cause i now staying with all malays..... Some of them are kind and cheerful, and some of them are cool. Smile is the weapon to get along with them... I found that the first impression is important. If those malays happy with you in the first time we met, then everythg is fine... else, they will just show black face and "zero" interaction with you all day long.

Anyway, enjoying live with all malays and stil happy with them. Tonight will go malay pasar malam  o[^.^]o