Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Ewe Yan!!

Wowwow..... who is this?? Hmm.... if judging from this picture, may b most of you will think that he is a gangster or something?? Haha... Teehee... he is my roommate. Actually he is kind and funny guy man! Ermm.... and sometimes like to act as well :P

Today is his BIG day, but he is not at Cyberjaya anyway. He had went back to hometown, may be at there got "someone precious" waiting for him gua.... Luckily yesterday we manage to celebrate with him....

Birthday song + S.R. cake + housemates => Ewe Yan Birthday!!

is he planing to eat that candle as well ?

Wonderful teatime before he depart to LCCT


3w3yaN said...

wow..thanx thanx..ahaha

寻梦人 said...

haha.... how is ur celebration?? eat and play gao gao at Penang ya!