Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dad's Birthday @ Hartz Chicken Buffet

Today is Daddy birthday! Mom suggest that we go Sunway Pyramid to have buffet dinner. The shop come to her mind is Hartz Chicken Buffet. Since we long time didn't have our meal here, so we just have a try on it. 8 to 10 years back, its only RM15++ for an adult, but now had increase to RM21++( may be there are surprising dishes ?!). But it the end, I found that the food in this shop is disappointed. This shop is going to close at 10pm but around 8.30pm they had stop serving any fresh dishes.....

Anyway, we still manage to fill our stomach full, with those fried chicken and vegetables... not to forget the vanila & chocolate ice-cream ( just this two flavour from unknown brand)

Opps...! i should STOP complain.. Anyway...


customers in this shop not more than 20

Chicken Buffet no chicken?

The best dishes i manage to get ^.^|||

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