Friday, December 25, 2009

DIY Christmas Tree

This project come to my mind when i saw those beautiful decoration around the mall and friend's house. I start asking myself " Why don't i get my house one?"

So i start up with design and the ways to connect all those LED and IC. Although at first the LED seem can't blink like what i expect, but after i change some of the connection, it WORK! Blink! Blink! Christmas Tree !!

veroboard use to connect all LED ( parallel)
the brain make LED blink...
I actually try to reuse all the material around us to make this Christmas tree enviromental friendly and also save my money. hehe.... but i fail to do it..... Anyway, resource and power efficient can't be maximize at the first generation right? :P

Teehee..... the tree is involving.... now i add in a plastic pot as a protector for all the circuit and battery. After that i had decide to add some leaves and snow on it. Does it looks like real Christmas Tree? But the bad thing is, i finish it exactly on Christmas... ><"

Merry Christmax!!

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~y3nch1ng~ said...

Very creative.. I think you should sell it!!